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Draft Treaty establishing the European Union

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Draft Treaty establishing the European Union





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Article 53 Sectoral policies


In order to meet the particular needs for the organization, development or coordination of specific sectors of economic activity, the Union shall have concurrent competence with the Member States to pursue sectoral policies at the level of the Union. In the fields referred to below, such policies shall, by the establishment of reliable framework conditions, in particular pursue the aim of facilitating the decisions which undertakings subject to competition must take concerning investment and innovation.


The sectors concerned are in particular:


agriculture and fisheries,






research and development,






(a) In the fields of agriculture and fisheries, the Union shall pursue a policy designed to attain the objectives laid down in Article 39 of the Treaty establishing the European Economic Community.


(b) In the field of transport, the Union shall pursue a policy designed to contribute to the economic integration of the Member States. It shall, in particular, undertake common actions to put an end to all forms of discrimination, harmonize the basic terms of competition between the various modes of transport, eliminate obstacles to transfrontier traffic and develop the capacity of transport routes so as to create a transport network commensurate with European needs.


(c) In the field of telecommunications, the Union shall take common action to establish a telecommunications network with common standards and harmonize tariffs; it shall exercise competence in particular with regard to the high technology sectors, research and development activities and public procurement policy.


(d) In the field of research and development, the Union may draw up common strategies with a view to coordinating and guiding national activities and encouraging cooperation between the Member States and between research institutes. It may provide financial support for joint research, may take responsibility for some of the risks involved and may undertake research in its own establishments.


(e) In the field of industry, the Union may draw up development strategies with a view to guiding and coordinating the policies of the Member States in those industrial branches which are of particular significance to the economic and political security of the Union. The Commission shall be responsible for taking the requisite implementing measures. It shall submit to the Parliament and the Council of the Union a periodic report on industrial policy problems.


(f) In the field of energy, action by the Union shall be designed to ensure security of supplies, stability on the market of the Union and, to the extent that prices are regulated, a harmonized pricing policy compatible with fair competitive practices. It shall also be designed to encourage the development of alternative and renewable energy sources, to introduce common technical standards for efficiency, safety, the protection of the environment and of the population, and to encourage the exploitation of European sources of energy.


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